Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tennis Community Serves
Gordon Pennington has been involved in the Middle Tennessee Tennis Family for over 25 years. Through the years, as the current and past Director of Tennis at the Green Hills YMCA, Old Natchez Country Club, Temple Hills Country club, and now a Teaching Pro with WPCR he looked for new ways to give back to his community and to support local charities and organizations that would best serve the Middle Tennessee area.

Since 1995, breast cancer has really been on Gordon’s heart. Over the years he held many tournaments to support the Susan G. Komen Foundation for the fight against Breast Cancer. Many of these tournaments have been extremely successful, but have demanded a lot of time from a lot volunteers in the tennis community.

Pennington said he racked his brain to come up with something new. Something that would be easy, yet allow the tennis community to give those dollars, once again, to charity. However, due to the recent economic downturn, he felt it was very important to provide these dollars to charity in our own community. To help the women in middle Tennessee who are directly affected with Breast Cancer. Pennington feel it is imperative that we provide help to those in our own backyard.

Because of time limitations with weekend tennis tournaments, Pennington did a lot of research for something that would produce money for our local women suffering from breast cancer, but something that would be easy for everyone to participate with.

The answer was to produce and publish a cookbook. Have you ever known anyone to give away a personal cookbook of their own or toss one out? Cookbooks have the longest shelf life of any publication.

This cookbook, which will be named WINNING SERVES - a collection of recipes from the Middle Tennessee Tennis Community, is especially designed for those in the tennis community. It will be published with a “tennis theme” that centers on the effects of breast cancer. The cookbook will be compiled of recipes from the Middle Tennessee tennis community and local friends and will feature a few local women who have suffered and survived this disease along with their testimonies.

The best part is all proceeds from the sales of the cookbook will be donated to The Tennessee Breast Cancer Coalition. You can view more information about this organization at Pennington chose this organization because they provide local women an established Emergency Access Fund which is called the TBCC Emergency Access Fund.

Pennington encourages the tennis community to get involved.

“Your time input will be very minimal and your name will be printed in the cookbook along with the recipe you provide!” said Pennington. “Please, don’t just participate, but support this very worthy cause by purchasing several copies for your family and friends!“

The participation expiration date is July 31, 2011 and Pennington urges you not to delay. The cookbook will be published and ready to sell during Breast Cancer month in October, 2011. To submit a recipe go to – / group login is -ws10iscb – contributor password is – zyqh7. Please submit your recipe as soon as possible.

The pricetag will come in uner $20 and will be a great pricepoint under $20.

“We really need everyone’s support and if you would like to sell the cookbooks, please email me with the number you know you can sell,” said Pennington. “This commitment will help provide me with a better idea of how many to print on the first printing. Your sales help will make the cause that much more successful!”

WINNING SERVES will certainly help all of us entertain friends and family with new and exciting foods, help make our holiday shopping much easier this year and most importantly, significantly help The Tennessee Breast Cancer Coalition with their fight to help women in Middle Tennessee that are struggling with this disease.

“If you would like to participate with sales or have a retail location we can display the cookbooks in please email with the amount you will need. The more we sell, the more we help,” said Pennington.

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