Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Are you an abolitionist?

You should go!!!
A senior at Brentwood High School and friend of our family, Kelsie, has dedicated herself to educating the masses on modern day slavery. She casually heard from a friend about slavery occuring with the harvesting of cocoa beans for many American chocolate manufacturers. Then she started researching the subject and was determined "to do something about it."

Well, a lot of us talk about what we are going to do, and some us do it. Kelsie really opened up to her youth group at BUMC about the subject and found a lot of support. Last April, Kelsie with her youth group and supporters from most local high schools and youth groups, pulled together a battle of the bands concert. With just a few weeks to pull it together, it was an overwhelming success. The group raised $5000 through ticket sales, tshirt sales, donations, and food sales. The money was given to International Justice Mission, a group Kelsie believes is making a difference. But Kelsie will tell you it was not about the money.

The true purpose of Rock the Chains Benefit Concert was to raise awareness and raising the money was a side benefit. She wants people to know that slavery is not over. There are men, women and children being sold and used like a product. They have no control whatsoever in their own lives and suffer abuse that we cannot imagine. Remember, the term abolitionist? That was a civil war term right? Wrong.

Abolitionists exist today. International Justice Mission is a human rights agency that secures justice for victims of slavery, sexual exploitation and other forms of violent oppression. You should read more about them at http://www.ijm.org/ and maybe you will be inspired just like Kelsie. I am and I will be at the concert this year to support God's work that is being done through Kelsie.

Peace and Grace

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  1. From MOM,
    You have always had a passion for the under dog or down trodden, this is nothing new, but I am happy that you have found new ways to express that passion and to put your spiritual gifts to work in new ways. You make this mother proud.