Sunday, April 12, 2009

Why do I want to get out?

I love my home, my neighbors, my town, and my church. Why do I want to get out of here? I grew up in Brentwood, went to the local high school, and married a nice boy from right down the street. We moved away for eleven years and had a great adventure moving eight times. No matter where I was or how much I loved the area and friends, I always focused on moving home to my family and my hometown. It's a great place to raise three kids-safe, convenient, fantastic schools, and growing. We have all four grandparents right around the corner and aunts and uncles too! It's perfect! Right?

I discovered a different world when I went on a mission trip with our youth group from Brentwood United Methodist Church. Common story, I know. But it's what you do when you get home that changes your world. BUMC is a place where kids are privileged. Some of them know it and some of them don't - they feel entitlement. Both kinds of kids were on this mission trip and they all came home different, just like me. I told them I was jealous that they got to learn this lesson so early in life. I was almost forty years old and I just "got it." I just saw what Jesus Would Do as the bracelets and bumper stickers are always pointing out. I got to be Jesus and live for others. First, it was New Orleans disaster relief and then the real bomb, Juarez, Mexico. I will never be the same after serving and working alongside one Mexican family as we worked together to build them a home and change their lives. I want to be out there but now I want to do it in Nashville, 10 miles down the street, where a whole other world is living a very different life. I'll talk next time about what I'm doing out in the world and I hope you will tell me what gives you the goosebumps!


  1. Oh, Kelly, I am so glad you have started this dialogue and hope it will reach many! Your passion for living and loving is contagious...I have seen that first hand and know of your faithful and grateful heart. Your journey is a witness as well as an inspiration to all of us. Thanks for being and embracing who God made you to be! Jackie Shields

  2. Kelly,

    To quote Jack Nicholson, "You make me want to be a better (wo)man."

    I'm fortunate to know you.
    Trish Miller