Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Brentwood's Own Extreme Home Makeover

Brentwood Baptist sent over 800 members out on a Great Day of Service to 40 different locations. One of the groups decided to provide their own Extreme Home Makeover. The recipient of their good work was a single mom with three boys, one of the boys being autistic. There was only one problem with the project - RAIN.
The group leader, Lisa, said, "I was praying really hard for God to be merciful and stop the rain." With over 100 people ready to work on the home, the rain did stop on Saturday. However, the makeover began on a Wednesday with two people moving out their furniture followed by a Thursday of painting the hallway and ceiling. Groups of volunteers took on one room each. Their duties were to find donated furnishings for this room and then complete the task of making over the room.
Lisa said, "There were people painting in every room, outside spray painting furniture, men demoing the upstairs bathroom and deck, about forty people outside pulling weeds, making new flower beds, trimming bushes, and mowing the yard."
By the end of Saturday, they had only a few tasks left. The master bedroom and bathroom needed a few last touches from their overhaul. Draperies still needed to be finished and hung in the family room. These final touches were finished on Sunday and then the group provided a complete cleaning of the house.
"It went from a house to a home in 48 hours." Lisa said. "The boys, who were at their dad's, came home at 7:30 pm on Sunday and a group of people came to do an extreme home makover-style 'move that bus' yell and we led them on a tour with my husband acting like Ty."
The tour was a success and the family was blown away by their room. The smallest boy said to his mother, "This is paradise."
"It was the most rewarding project that I have ever worked on and I am scheming on the next one for September," said Lisa.
Well done, good and faithful servants!

To see a great video slideshow of the day, go to http://kigerphotography.shutterfly.com/
and click on "Great Day of Service." Look at the smiles on their faces...don't you want to feel that good? For more information on what Great Day of Service is and those we served in our community, go to http://www.brentwoodmission.com/ and check it out.
Background: Lisa Moody is the Drama teacher for Brentwood High School. She and her husband, David, work tirelessly on every BHS production.

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